Our labs have been on Urban Wolf for the past 3 years and I can say unequivocally that in the past 30 years none of our labs have done so well:  no food upsets, firm stools, thick, rich coats and plenty of vim.  We have tried many, many other foods and this is the ONE that works like magic.  We thank you. Douglas R., Great Britain A picture is worth a thousand words! Here is a picture of my 'Badger' at work.  I feed, sell & recommend Urban Wolf. Dr. A. Soltan, DVM,  Ontario, Canada I wanted to thank you for your wonderful product. Buffie is such a picky eater and this is the first food shehas eaten without hesitating.  Her coat shines and she has more energy than ever before.  The way she acts you would never know she is 16 years old. Bobbie S., Michigan USA This is one of our imported 3 yr old Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs who's been raised on Urban Wolf. As you can see, he's healthy, vibrant, has a phenominal coat & loads of attitude: there's no place for improvement. It would give me great pleasure to see your dogs as healthy as mine. Urban Wolf is a diet I really believe in & we make to the highest standards. You will love it once you try it! C. Woodliffe, creator Urban Wolf. 'I am so grateful that you are there with this food.  I love my dogs so much and my 1 1/2 yr old is precious to me and his intestinal allergies and sensitivities were pretty severe.  So much so that he cannot eat raw, the meat has to be cooked. Here is a photo of my boys.  Clem, my 1 1/2 yr old on the left and Cooper my 3 yr old on the right!  Thank you! Congratulations to Charlie, Urban Wolf of the Month Sept 09!  Charlie is a 6 month old bulldog getting ready for the show ring. What does Charlies owner have to say about Urban Wolf: he loves it.. his coat is shiney and he is a happy boy! S.E. London, Ontario
Congratulation Goliath! Urban Wolf of the Month Oct 2009!Hello, My Name is Goliath.  I am a  2 1/2 year old chihuahua and live in Albuquerque New Mexico.  My Mom is 80 years old and on Oxygen and I love  her a lot. I love Urban Wolf and am growing big and strong so I can help my Mom. R.M. Albuquerque NMHi, my name is Can CH Berlin HICs, TT, CGN.  I am a 4 year old Rottweiler and live in downtown Toronto.  I am truly an urban wolf!  I just finished my Canadian Championship (Sept 09) with a Working Group placement & multiple Best of Breeds which propelled me onto the Top Rottweiler list for Canada.  I am beautiful .. as my owners tell me this daily.  I LOVE my Urban Wolf food and it helped me become the Champion that I am.  Urban Wolf has also given me the energy to successfully pass 3 herding instinct tests on sheep!  I take my role as a working dog seriously ... I am a protector for my family and our new baby girl who is 8 months old now.   Dianna & Adam E ., Toronto, Ontario Canada This is a picture of our Urban Wolf Cardigan Corgie Annie. Your food saved her life. Before Urban Wolf she was over weight and very sick. We thought we were going to lose her. The vet recommended Urban Wolf for Annie and she loves it! It has really saved her and she is healthier than ever.  E.W. Valencia, California, USA Tucker and Brandy - our special family. Brandy (on the right of this picture)is undergoing chemo for her Canine Lymphoma and Tucker (her son) is always by her side. Please meet Mommy Skye and Baby Willow.  I have been feeding UrbanWolf for almost  3 yrs.  I breed Mastiffs and German Shepherds.  We have raised 3 litters on UrbanWolf and are more then satisfied with the results.  Beautiful coats, wonderful condition, and no pano cases in our puppies.  Thank you for making such a wonderful food.  Linda Pike, Goulds, Newfoundland, Canada  I feed Jersey Urban Wolf because it is the best possible food for him. He absolutely loves it and it makes him feel good from inside and out. I have gotten many compliments on his coat because of this food. It is hard to get a pic of him when he is not soaked from swimming or covered in something from hiking just loves everything about life.   Gillian B., London, Ontario Canada Hi!  Just wanted to send th is picture  of our two Urban Wolves, Allie and Kelso, our german shepherds. They simply THRIVE on Urban Wolf. We have fed them probably every high end kibble on the market, and they always look and feel the best on Urban Wolf. I have NEVER seen them more excited for their food than when it is UW. We have been customers for close to 3 years now and simply love it. So glad it is available in our area. We have gone on and off the food for different reasons, and I notice a difference when they are not on it, and others comment on them as well when they are eating UW.  Of course they are always beautiful, but I think UW gives them that something extra! Steph and Dan G .,  Shawnee Kansas, USA I found Urban Wolf when my 7 month old Swedish Vallhund puppy started loosing weight no matter

100% Biologically Appropriate Real Super-Food!
The Diet Nature Hasn't Caught Up With

Urban Wolf is a Unique One-of-a-Kind product unlike any other dog food in the world.
Our remarkable super-food diet outdoes what nature intended:

Professionally developed as a diet for rescued wildlife, we soon realized that
feeding a wolf, coyote or fox was no different than feeding our own valuable show dogs. 
With some powerfully nutritious modern updates, we adapted it for our own dogs and over
a decade ago the first Urban Wolf was born. 
The result is a remarkably superior diet that no wild animal would be able to get forever itself in the wild.
High in antioxidants and rich in bioavailable phyto-nutrients:
Urban Wolf is the diet nature hasn't caught up with.
Urban Wolf is the world's original grain-free biologically appropriate real super-food diet mix for dogs that allows you to make your own
powerfully nutritious homemade super-food quickly,
easily and very economically.

Urban Wolf was developed on real canines, on generations of real breeding dogs -
NOT simply by computer or copied from of a book. 
Urban Wolf meets & exceeds AAFCO Guidelines

parsley We Have a Simple Philosophy You chose your own fresh meat, use COOKED or RAW,  like ground chicken!
Listen to Nature.
Work with Nature.

Feed dogs as close to Nature as possible.
By mimicking and matching  the foods that canines evolved eating,
along with some healthy and beneficial modern updates,
& your choice of cooked or raw meat,
URBAN WOLF is as close to Nature as you can safely get.
Urban Wolf Has Evolved to Reach the Pinnacle of Dog Food

You chose ANY lean ground meat to add to Urban Wolf, choose your dog's favorite and rotate for variety! How Simple, How Easy, How Economical Urban Wolf contains carrots, high in beta carotene
We take pride in our innovative whole food health products that are ideal for any dog.  
We don't just make promises, you will discover for yourself our products deliver excellent results.

So, what do we offer?  We make it easy and economical for you to make your own highly
digestible nutritious homemade Super-Food for your dog.  And when we say easy, we mean easy! 
Simply put, you add Urban Wolf to your own cooked or raw ground meat, mix and there you have it -
Fresh, nutritious homemade super-food dog food.

This food is typically 1/2 the price of other commercially frozen pet foods and
about the same price as premium kibble. 
Did you know that for the price of a regular coffee a day,
you could be feeding Urban Wolf to your small dog?

Spincah Why Urban Wolf For Your Dog? Cranberries
Because our ingredients look like something you
would put on your plate for dinner!

Fresh & Raw:
Broccoli&Spinach&Sweet Potato&Carrots&Red Apples - high in antioxidants and vitamins& &Cranberries&Celery&Barley Grass & Alfalfa Greens&Blueberries&Pecans&
&Lycopene from Tomatoes&Parsley&Ground Flax Seeds&Carob&Marjoram&Basil
Cooked or Raw:
ou chose ANY lean ground meat to add to Urban Wolf, choose your dog's favorite and rotate for variety! or Try Lamb, a high Omega 3 meat or Use Ground Chicken or Turkey orBeef or Special dogs deserve steak :)
Use omega 3 eggs whenever possible &For optimal nutrition, use  Urban Wolf Wild Fish Oil Daily Softgels or some fish.

How Does That Look?
Yes, it's all real food.
Yes, it's all possible with Urban Wolf.
We Promise!
 Because we love your dog as much as we love ours!

Urban Wolf is a delicate blend of vegetables and fruits that allows you to make your own nutritious and economical homemade super-food that meets & exceeds the AAFCO Guidelines.
Click here to see the Recipe
Click here to see Nutritional Analysis

Blueberries - high in natural antioxidants - Powerful and Bioavailable in Urban Wolf! What Are The Benefits? Cranberries!
Urban Wolf is a glorious blend of high antioxidant real super foods:
Your dog's wild cousins would not eat this well in the wild!

  With Urban Wolf we believe a dog should get it's nutrition from whole foods
and not from poor quality ingredients supplemented with artificial vitamins -
which is the case with ALL kibble brands.

Could you imagine yourself eating nothing but dry cereal with a vitamin pill
washed down with a glass of water every day of your life?
Well, that's EXACTLY what you are expecting your dog to eat by feeding kibble!

It's time to start giving your pet real food.
Urban Wolf offers you real super-food for your pet. 
  Please click here to read more about the Benefits.
Did you know 99% of undiagnosable diarrhea dogs suffer from is caused by Kibble?
If your dog has had chronic loose stools & diarrhea,
give Urban Wolf a try, often the problem is solved in the first day. Email us with questions.

Mission Statement
We believe it's a dog's right to get it's nutrition from whole foods.
Much of the "food" consumed by our pets today is not even food. 
Kibble and other processed foods are directly related to the decline of canine
and feline health and all of the behavioral and health issues found in today's pets. 
Together we can stop this epidemic and right this wrong.
It is our lifelong commitment to ensure our pets' the healthiest, happiest and longest lives possible, starting with top quality real super-food nutrition.

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